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A bunch of posts about winemaking & lots of drops of wine knowledge!

A Drop Of Wine Knowledge: Wine Is So Fine(d)!

Waiter, Waiter! Why are there fish, eggs, milk & nuts in my wine?
Have you ever noticed…
…On the back of wine labels that your wine may contain fish, egg, milk or nut products?  Have you scratched your head to wonder why a product made from grapes would include this warning?  It’s because of fining – also known as clarification – a process winemakers use to remove any potential hazes and instabilities from finished wines.  It is definitely worth understanding, particularly…

Malo Testing


After Primary Alcoholic (Yeast) Fermentation…
Red wines, and some white wines, are allowed and indeed encouraged to go through “Malo”, a secondary malolactic fermentation where harsh, unstable malic acid is converted into stable lactic acid and in the process slightly deacidifying the wine, softening the wine by reducing bitterness whilst enhancing fruitfulness & body and stabilising the wine for bottling.
This process occurs due to the action of a bacteria Oenococcis oeni that transforms each gram of malic acid (green apple…

Bentonite in winemaking


What is is used for in winemaking?

Bentonite is a volcanic clay that is used to clarify wines. Its negative electrostatic charge and hydrogen bonding causes suspended particles in the wine to cling to it as it settles to the bottom of tanks under gravity.

Visitors Jane & Jamie examine the 2014 Semillon bentonite trials

Each bottle is filled with the wine and mixed with various amounts of food grade bentonite –  0.5 to 3 grams per litre – to determine the…

Blending Wines


How do we blend wines?
Each vintage our wine goes into a variety of barrels – French, American, Hungarian, some new, some not so new and some old!

After a year Tony & Sue taste off the wines and  argue agree about which ones will be blended together and bottled for the Vineyard Release. Often visitors to the Micro-Winery are asked their their opinion too.

Selected wines continue their journey for another year in a barrel, generally old so as not to over…