Does it matter to you… what we do at SHORT SHEEP?

A sustainable approach to the management of the SHORT SHEEP Vineyard …

all aspects of producing and selling our wines is important to us.

We have adopted the following practices:

  • An integrated pest management system in the Vineyard.
  • Graze short sheep all year & crash graze cows during the winter in the vineyard, thereby reducing diesel consumption and the use of herbicides.
  • Spread organic fertilisers, humate & Seasol.
  • Feed grape marc to cows to reduce their methane emissions.
  • Energy requirements met by solar panels.
  • Harvest rainwater on site (no water goes into wine).
  • Choose recycled/carbon neutral products when available.
  • Use lean+GreenĀ® bottles for over 90% of our bottling.
  • Use Australian products when available reducing air mile.