Grapes to Wine

Did you Know?

1 acre of low yield vines = 2 tonnes of grapes

One acre of vines produces 2 to 4 tonnes of grapes – low yield for high quality wines, cheaper wines can crop around 10 tonnes an acre.

1/2 tonne of grapes = 1 barrel of wine

SHORT SHEEP crushes and ferments 1.5 tonne red grape batches which produces enough wine to fill 3 barrels with top ups for wine that evaporates through the barrel.

White & red grapes are crushed in 2.5 tonne batches which produces enough juice & pulp prior to fermentation to fill a 1500 litre tank. At the end of the winemaking process around 1000 litres of white & rose wine is produced.

1 hogshead barrel = 400 bottles of wine

A hogshead barrel contains 300 litres (L) of wine which will fill 400 bottles. However, there is wine lost to evaporation and settlement of the lees at the bottom of the barrel, so generally 30 to 32 cases are produced per barrel.

1 bottle = 7.7 standard drinks at 13% alcohol/volume

1 bottle contains 750 mL of wine, the amount of standard drinks will depend on the alcohol level.

  • 100 ml standard serve red wine 13% alc/vol – 1 standard drink
  • 100 ml standard serve white wine 11.5% alc/vol – 0.9 standard drink

For more information on alcoholic beverages see the Australian Government Standard Drinks Guide