In the Pipeline – November 2014

barrels @ SHORT SHEEP

2014 Vintage Red Wines Update

Low Yields

Owing to the late October 2013 frosts and dry/hot Summer months last vintage red wine production was significantly impacted with fruit lost and smaller berries and lower than our usual low yields. Just a single tonne of Merlot was picked and two lonely barrels made.

Malo-latic Fermentation

Now, as we head towards the long evening shadows of Summer the red wines have been sleeping for a few months after their first racking after initial barreling and going through malo-lactic secondary fermentation – where crisp malic (green apple) acids in the wine are converted into softer, rounder lactic acids.


We’ll wake them up shortly from their Winter/Spring hibernation for a second, final racking & gentle aeration before returning them to cleaned and refreshed barrels to doze the Summer/Autumn months away. We’ll probably sneak a quick taste too!

Are you going to Scarborough Fair
Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet and Syrah
Remember me to one who lives there
She once was a true love of mine…

2013 Vineyard Red Wines Bottling

With the 2013 Syrah bottled and released (and selling fast!) and 2013 Cabernet/Merlot also already bottled our attention is turning to completing our 2013 Vineyard Release reds for release in Autumn 2015.

Recent visitors to the Micro-Winery would have seen all the barrels laid out and we’ve been “creatively discussing” our favorite barrels and potential blends, as well as picking those few barrels we’ll be holding back for our Reserve releases in 2016.

2012 Reserve Shiraz and Late Bottled Black Sheep

A couple of barrels lurking in the cellar hold our oldest and longest matured wines: our 2012 Reserve Shiraz and the second bin of our elusive 2012 Black Sheep. We decided to give the Shiraz an extra six months in older oak to allow it to continue to breathe and develop, but it’s time is coming!

We’ll be looking to release this around Easter next year and initially exclusively to our Champion Flock 999 Wine Club members alongside the 2012 Reserve Cabernet and the earlier bottled 2012 Black Sheep.

What are we up to with that extra matured Black Sheep? That will have to wait until the next newsletter!!