All that matters is your opinion

We believe wine is a personal taste and your opinion about our wines is all that matters to us!

SHORT SHEEP does not participate in any wine shows.

SHORT SHEEP welcomes approaches by  wine writers who would like to review any Vineyard, Limited Release or Reserve ranges of wines.

What you say…

We are pleased to share the following comments from people who enjoy our wines:

The Shiraz Rose is highly slurpable & enjoyable straight out of the gate, no questions asked.  Consensus across all our friends was the wine was not bone dry which we felt a good thing, the little bit of roundness meant it went well with deli meats. ~ Bob Fitzell

At Sydney’s Hunters Hill Food and Wine Festival recently, while some stall-operators were charging for sample sips, the SHORT SHEEP team were happy for you to try (for free) before you buy. The strategy – and the wine – was a winner. The SHORT SHEEP Shiraz Rose was enjoyed on the grass with dumplings
and Thai fish cakes. ~ Vivienne Kelly Features Editor, The Advisor.

My sommelier father, who has the most cultured palate in the Northern Hemisphere (currently staying with us) has given the 2012 Syrah his mark of approval!
~ Mike Sargeant

Mel and I drank the 2012 Syrah on a warmer evening, I put it in the fridge for 20-30mins prior to decanting.  I do this a lot with young reds when the weather is warmer, it is refreshing and the wine opens up slowly in the glass.  A lot of people scoff at this, Mel and I like it & reds should be drunk at 15 degrees or thereabouts.  We liked the wine a lot, nose reminded me of the violets, good florals and red fruit.  The wine has a great appeal on the nose, the mouth feel is medium bodied but on the lighter side, good acid and also good mid palate fruit weight.  Length is fine for what is an approachable easy drinking red wine.  Probably best drunk over the next year or two as you suggest.   For mine the nose is key, made me want more! ~ Marty Orro