Lamb, Sheep or Champion?

FLOCK 999 Benefits & Rewards
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FLOCK 999Enjoy Access to Limited Wine Production…

As a FLOCK 999 Lamb | Sheep | Champion you receive priority access to our limited production of 1500 cases each vintage.

Also enjoy savings on every wine purchase as well as additional benefits including free or reduced delivery [depending on your purchase and where you live].

purple-promotionHow Do I Get Promoted into FLOCK 999?
To be promoted to FLOCK 999 you need to have purchased a total of twelve bottles of  wine by:

  • Collecting 12 stamps on your FLOCK Rewards Card from individual bottle purchases at the Micro-Winery
  • Buy 2 x 6 bottles or a 12 bottle case of wine online
  • Register your name & email.

With only 999 places available in FLOCK 999 due to our limited production, your name may be added to a wait list if necessary.


Bleating about the Benefits & Rewards!

[table width=”444″ colwidth=”30|2|2|2″ colalign=”left|center|center|center”] Benefits & Rewards,Lamb,Sheep,Champion
Annual Wine Selection (Bottles),6,12,24
Additional FLOCK 999     $1 saving per bottle,√,√,√
Food & Wine Event Concessions,√,√,√
Exclusive FLOCK 999 Release Offers, ,√,√
Invitation to the Black Sheep Dinner, , ,√
Complementary Cheese     & Biscuits, , ,√

Delivery Sydney Metro~~Delivery ACT/NSW~~Delivery QLD/VIC,$12~~$18~~$25,FREE~~$12~~$18, FREE~~FREE~~$12

FLOCK 999Annual Wine Selection

  • Browse the FLOCK 999 wines online, logon and make your purchase anytime.
  • Drop into the Micro-Winery to choose your
    favorite wines!

We do not send you wine without your request or hold your credit card details.


FLOCK 999 StatusFLOCK 999 Status

Your FLOCK 999 status and the benefits & rewards you receive is determined by your annual wine purchase(s).

As long as you purchase 6/12/24 bottle a year, you will maintain your Lamb | Sheep | Champion status and continue to receive the benefits & rewards of FLOCK 999.

Should you not purchase wine during a 12 month period from when you are promoted, you are return to the paddock and lose your benefits & rewards.

You can switch status or you can accept or decline to make a purchase, there is no commitment.


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