Single Vineyard

Single Vineyard @ SHORT SHEEP

SHORT SHEEP’s 10 Acre Single Vineyard…

was established in 2002 by Head Ram & Ewe.

The SHORT SHEEP vineyard grows Shiraz, Cabernet & Merlot varietals.

White Grapes

We carefully select small parcels of white fruit from the district from vineyards with a similar sustainable philosophy where we are able to handpick.

So why do we handpick all our grapes?

MOG is ‘Material Other than Grapes’ or ‘Muck’ !
To our suprise (and initial disgust) MOG ends up in machinery harvest bins. That includes, leaves twigs, caterpillars, birds nests, frogs…

To ensure premium quality, we hand-pick all fruit going into SHORT SHEEP wines.

So when you next quaff a bottle of plonk think about what may have ended up in the ferment that you are drinking!