Sustainable Practices

SHORT SHEEP follow ‘organic’  ‘sustainable’ & ‘integrated’ (permaculture)” principles as far as we can…

This is not an ‘either/or’ approach ‘organic/bio-dynamic vs non-organic’.

We are pragmatic when systemic approaches are more effective, where prevention is better than cure and cause the least damage (eg avoiding weekly copper sprays using diesel & compacting soil from tractor use).

10 Point SHORT SHEEP Manifesto

1. Soil is everything, its biota – the flora, fauna and fungi – are treated with respect.

2. Well balanced soil composition and chemistry leads to healthy plants, which will naturally resist pests and disease.

3. Integrated pest management (IPM) is followed when spraying to protect beneficial organisms

4. Systemic chemicals are used sparingly and varied to avoid any development of resistance and impact on the soil.

5. Chemicals are used at the appropriate times so that residues are negligible and comply with the highest standards.

6. The vineyard is therefore not a monoculture, but an environment integrated into its surroundings.

7. All our fruit is handpicked so that the only grapes that reach the winery are disease free and picked with optimum sugar/acid balance.

8. Spotlessly clean equipment, temperature management and oxygen control are our tools.

9. Minimal sulphur dioxide is added during winemaking, maturation and bottling processes and balanced with the acidity of the wine.

10. We see ourselves as custodians of the wine, nurturing their character rather than engineered and therefore our wines are minimally filtered and fined, if at all in the case of our red wines.