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OPEN Friday – Monday10.30am to 5.30pm
OPEN 7 Days 10.30am to 5.30pmDuring NSW School Holidays
Please note that final tastings commence at 5pm and we close 5.30pm sharp!
SHORT SHEEP Micro-Winery & Vineyard
47 Buckaroo Lane MUDGEE NSW 2850

Look out for the brown tourist signs on Ulan/Cassilis Road!
Information for Private & Tour Groups of 10+ People
Phone or SMS the Bleaters!   0420 299 999
Facebook /shortsheep  | Twitter @SHORT_SHEEP
Instagram /short_sheep  #shortsheep
SHORT SHEEP Pty Ltd ABN 40079698383
Producers/Wholesalers Licence No 24015769

Meet & Greet the short sheep!

Visit SHORT SHEEP & other farm animals

Do you have short sheep?
Are you one sheep short?
So just how short is a short sheep?
Short as in not long or short as in not tall?

When you visit for a Wine Tasting…

Meet & Greet the SHORT SHEEP to find out!
You have the opportunity to get up & personable with our friendly sheep. They will delight in munching nuts & meadow grass from your hand, although not all visitors are able to feed the sheep as they get too round!
Say ‘Hello’ to…