Vineyard Walk:Vine Talk
Vineyard Walk:Vine Talk

Vineyard Walk | Vine Talk

Stroll through the SHORT SHEEP Vineyard…

Lean about sustainable practices in the SHORT SHEEP Vineyard and see the cute short sheep under the vines followed by a wine tasting!

3.30pm Wednesdays during Mudgee Food & Wine Festival 

$10 Adult  Bookings not required [Children Free]

Occasional Sundays as part of the Mudgee Fine Foods Program.

Please call us 0420 299 999 or drop us a line for a group booking.

Please note : Visitors entering the SHORT SHEEP vineyard may be required to wear clean stout walking shoes/boots and disinfect them by standing in a shallow trough for 30 seconds to control Phylloxera.


NSW Liquor Licence : LIQW 24015769 | It is illegal to purchase or supply alcohol to persons under the age of 18 © SHORT SHEEP Pty Ltd All Rights Reserved.