See Wine-making during Vintage 2016

Experience wine making during vintage…

So you are a wine tragic? or just want to find out what it’s like to make wine as well as drink it!

The red ferments are plunged around six times a day. During vintage visitors can plunge the must at 11am and 3pm, no need to book.

We also try to schedule some of the wine-making tasks at the weekends as well as during the week so visitors can experience small-scale wine-making alongside wine tasting during Vintage.

Vintage starts mid-February and ends mid-April depending on the season’s growing conditions. Our first pick of 2016 is on 9 February.

Please be aware of wet floors and not to touch equipment being used. Also ensure children stay close to you and they don’t run about inside the Micro-Winery.

Winemakers Tasks

  1. Crushing grapes in the de-stemmer/crusher.
  2. Testing the sugar (Be) and acid (pH) levels of the grapes.
  3. Re-hydrate the yeast and adding to the grapes.
  4. Plunging the red must.
  5. Pumping free run wine from the tank to barrels.
  6. Pressing the juice from the skins in the basket press.
  7. Transferring the marc cake back into the vineyard.
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