Meet & Greet the short sheep!
Meet & Greet the short sheep!

Visit SHORT SHEEP & other farm animals

Do you have short sheep?

Are you one sheep short?

So just how short is a short sheep?

Short as in not long or short as in not tall?

When you visit for a Wine Tasting…

Meet & Greet the SHORT SHEEP to find out!

You have the opportunity to get up & personable with our friendly sheep. They will delight in munching nuts & meadow grass from your hand, although not all visitors are able to feed the sheep as they get too round!

Say ‘Hello’ to our Farmyard Animals

Whilst we are not a petting zoo, we do have some other animals to make your wine tasting with kids enjoyable.

There is our maremma sheep dog Arya, the vineyard cats Marshmello & Fudge and the free range chooks Dorothy, Myrtle, Ethol & Lavinia to see – as well as cows in nearby paddocks. For small kids there is even Deutz the little green tractor to gaze at!

Sustainable Management of the SHORT SHEEP Vineyard

The Southdown Babydoll sheep regarded as part of the team…

and are an integral component to the long term sustainable management of our vineyard.

Grazing underneath the vines, they reduce the need for herbicides to manage the vine undergrowth, de-succur the vines and reduce the requirement to slash in between the rows and the need for diesel fuel.

Babydoll Southdown Breed

Southdown sheep originated from the South Downs of Southern England…

They arrived in Australia on the First Fleet but were selectively bred to increase their size for meat. In the 1990’s, pockets of the smaller surviving sheep were found in Australia & USA.

Subsequently the breed definition of Babydoll Southdown was established in the USA.

Babydoll Southdowns are 60cm to the shoulder, typical sheep are 90cm but can range between 70 to 120cm.

Photo courtesy of The Land

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